Professional Health Insurance Coverage

Where you can get personalized healthcare.

Disease & Sickness

Ensure that you and your family are well-prepared for any health curveball. These plans offer tailored protection, keeping you one step ahead of life’s most unpredictable.

Accident Protection

Our insurance plans come with excess medical expense coverage, specifically designed to bridge the gap in out-of-pocket expenses following accidental bodily injury. Stay financially secure when life takes an unexpected turn.

Health & Wellness

Choose from plans offering first dollar benefits for various wellness and health screening services. Enjoy coverage for doctor visits, x-rays, lab services, and prescriptions without the need to meet a yearly deductible first.

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Our Mission

At Stephen The Insurance Guy, our partners take immense pride in the significant impact we’ve made fostering a healthier, more secure community. By offering quality and affordable health insurance, we’ve helped countless individuals and families achieve the peace of mind they deserve. We are confident that the unique experiences and expertise of our health agents will be invaluable assets to your overall well-being. Our team doesn’t just provide health insurance; we deliver a promise of reliability and support, ensuring that your health needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism.

Very responsive and easy to talk to. I don’t speak ‘insurance’ and Stephen walks you through it.

Marty Salinas

Honest Client Reviewer

Stephen is very knowledgeable about health insurance, he was able to get me a number of quotes and explain the best options for me and my family within my budget. Thank you!

Bridget Romo

Honest Client Reviewer